Below is a list of articles published, submitted or in press that have been possible thanks to the funding of the 2015-2016 Biodiversa COFUND call. They all integrate the following sentence in the acknowledgement section:

This research was funded through the 2015-2016 BiodivERsA COFUND call for research proposals, with the national funders ANR (ANR-16-EBI3-0014), FCT (Biodiversa/0003/2015) and PT-DLR (01LC1617A)“.

  1. Chikhi L , Rodriguez WV, Grusea S, Santos P, Boitard S, Mazet O (2017) The IICR (inverse instantaneous coalescence rate) as a summary of genomic diversity: insights into demographic inference and model choice. Heredity, 120: 13-24.   doi:10.1038/s41437-017-0005-6. You can find the published version here and the supplementary material here.
  2. Sgarlata GM, Salmona J, Aleixo-Pais I, Rakotonanahary A, Sousa AP, Kun-Rodrigues C, Ralantoharijaona T, Jan F, Zaranaina R, Rasolondraibe E, Zaonarivelo JR, Andriaholinirina Volasoa N, Chikhi L (2018) Genetic differentiation and demographic history of Northern rufous mouse lemur (Microcebus tavaratra) across a fragmented landscape in Northern Madagascar. Int. J. Primatol., 39: 65-89. doi:10.1007/s10764-018-0015-0. You can find the published version here and the supplementary material here.
  3. Grusea S, Rodríguez W, Pinchon D, Chikhi L, Boitard S, Mazet O (2018) Coalescence times for three genes provide sufficient information to distinguish population structure from population size changes. J. Math. Biol. doi:10.1007/s00285-018-1272-4. You can find the online version here.
  4. Rodríguez W, Mazet O, Grusea S, Arredondo A, Corujo JM, Boitard S, Chikhi L (2018) The IICR and the non-stationary structured coalescent: towards demographic inference with arbitrary changes in population structure. Heredity, 121:663-678 You can find the supplementary material here.
  5. Aleixo‑Pais I, Salmona J, Sgarlata GM, Rakotonanahary A, Sousa AP, Parreira B, Kun‑Rodrigues C, Ralantoharijaona T, Jan F, Rasolondraibe E, Minhós T, Zaonarivelo JR, Andriaholinirina NV, Chikhi L (2018) The genetic structure of a mouse lemur living in a fragmented habitat in Northern Madagascar. Conservation Genetics You can find the supplementary material here.
  6. Knoop S, Chikhi L, Salmona J (2018) Mouse lemurs’ of degraded habitat: a review of the literature. Lemur News, 21, 20-31. You can find the online version here.
  7. Miller A, Mills H, Ralantoharijaona T, Volasoa Andriaholinirina N, Missandeau C, Chikhi L, Bencini R, Salmona J (2018) Forest type influences population densities of nocturnal lemurs in Manompana, Northeastern Madagascar. Int. J. Primatology, 39, 646-669. You can find the supplementary material here.
  8. Salmona J, Rasolondraibe E, Jan F, Rakotonanahary AN, Ralantoharijaona T, Le Pors B, Ousseni DSA, Aleixo-Pais I, Marques AJD, Sgarlata GM, Teixeira H, Gabillaud V, Miller A, Ibouroi MT, Zaonarivelo JR, Andriaholinirina NV, Chikhi L (2018) Re-discovering the forgotten Phaner population of the small and isolated Analafiana forest (Vohémar, SAVA). Lemur News, 21, 31-36. You can find the online version here.