One more paper from Radespiel team!

Generation time is a very important parameter for many genetic and genomic analyses. This study used the average age of parents to estimate the generation time of the grey mouse lemur, Microcebus murinus, based on parentage data generated for a free-living population over a 6-year period in northwestern Madagascar. The average age of parents was calculated separately for mothers and fathers. In addition, adult survival rates were calculated for males and females based on long-term capture data from the same population to estimate the possible upper limits of generation time. The average age of mothers was 1.56 – 1.91 years, pointing towards a 2-year female generation time due to the high proportion of 1-year old mothers in the analyses. The average age of fathers was slightly longer (1.71 – 2.83 years) pointing towards a 3 years generation time. For future modelling purposes, we therefore propose to use the average, 2.5 years, of male and female values as new estimate for the generation time of mouse lemurs.


Relative age composition of mothers for the three different offspring cohorts used for analyses.


You can find the published version here:

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