New paper from Radespiel team is out!

A new paper was published on American Journal of Primatology on the effects of forest fragmentation on the distribution and abundance of sympatric, endemic gray, and golden‐brown mouse lemurs (Microcebus murinus and Microcebus ravelobensis), the endemic western tuft‐tailed rat (Eliurus myoxinus), and the invasive black rat (Rattus rattus) in two regions in northwestern Madagascar. The paper explores how various ecological factors impact the abundance of rats and mouse lemurs in NW Madagascar.

Distribution of mouse lemurs and rodents in two fragmented regions (Mar: Mariarano, ANP: Ankarafantsika National Park) in northwestern Madagascar.

Research Highlights:

1. Habitat fragmentation affects the abundance of mouse lemurs and rodents differently.

2. Endangered Microcebus ravelobensis and Eliurus myoxinus are more sensitive to fragmentation than Microcebus murinus and Rattus rattus.

3. There was no evidence for interspecific competition.


You can find the published version here:

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