International Mouse Lemur Workshop

Last week, the INFRAGECO team was in Antananarivo (Madagascar) participating to the 3rd International Mouse Lemur Workshop. The meeting was organized by Mention Zoologie et Biodiversité Animale (MZBA), Faculté des Sciences in Ankatso. The main goal of the workshop was to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and information related to the biology (ecology, physiology and genomics) and conservation of mouse lemurs.

The INFRAGECO team presented several talks and posters showing the work developed in the last years under the INFRAGECO project. It was a great experience.


Full meeting room (photo @Lounès Chikhi)
Ute Radespiel and Jordi Salmona (photo @Lounès Chikhi)
Barbara Le Pors presenting her poster (photo @Lounès Chikhi)
Full room (photo @Lounès Chikhi)
Helena Teixeira presenting her poster (photo @Lounès Chikhi)




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