Exchange with Antananarivo University

Last week, on Thursday 22 November 2018, the Chikhi team led by Barbara Le Pors met with Master students from Antananarivo University. The aim of this meeting was to share knowledge on cartography and GIS tools.

University of Antananarivo, Sciences Faculty. Photo @BarbaraLePors

The meeting was a great success with as many as twenty Master students who came for this open and free QGIS training session. The students are all studying Animal Conservation Biology and will thus be playing a major role in the future of Madagascar. They all want to play a significant role in protecting Madagascar’s unique biodiversity, and some of them will become managers or researchers.


Training time at Antananarivo University. Photo @BarbaraLePors

The students were highly motivated, working alone or in small groups they successfully understood GIS benefits. They understood how it can be a major tool of data management and communication, for many areas, from conservation to management. Throughout the whole day, they learnt to deal with all types of data, from vector, raster, field, to bibliographical and WEB data using the open QGIS software.

At the end of the day they were able to digitalise maps, make calculations and create masks with QGIS. They also learnt how to make communicative maps.

Below is a picture taken at the end of the day, with the feedback from the students (in French). As should be clear from the picture, the comments were very positive about usefulness of that training with comments such as “very interesting training” “very clear” “very clear and well organised”, “useful and interesting” “very useful”, and a final “big thank you”.

We are the ones who would like to thank the students for their interest, motivation and their positive spirit throughout the course. With a new generation full of energy like this one, we are hopeful regarding the future of Madagascar’s biodiversity.

Student’s feedbacks. Photo @BarbaraLePors

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