New paper about demographic inference in structured populations

It is already online !
Our new paper about demographic inference in structured population just appeared online in the journal Heredity.
The INFRAGECO project is about habitat loss and fragmentation and therefore on population structure and changes in population structure. In this article we extend the seminal work of Herbots (1994) on the structured coalescent and of Mazet et al. (2016) on the IICR (inverse instantaneous coalescence rate). We propose a new framework, the Non-Stationary Structured Coalescent (NSSC) that incorporates demographic events (changes in gene flow and/or deme sizes) to study models of nearly any complexity. This means that we are building a general framework to analyse populations whose connectivity is allowed to change over time.
We show how to compute the IICR under a wide family of stationary and non-stationary models. In other words this is a first but major step to the analysis of fragmented populations whose connectivity changed over time as a consequence of habitat loss and fragmentation.
As an example we address the question of human and Neanderthal evolution because we had very good genomic data for these species and not yet full genome data for our Malagasy species. We discuss how the NSSC framework allows to interpret genomic data under this new perspective.


You can find the published version here:

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