Update from Team Radespiel

Team Radespiel has finished their first mission of 2018. The team is back in Madagascar for May until November of 2018.

As with any project in Madagascar, the journey was full of car trouble, but the team eventually reached a site with plenty of lemurs and other interesting animals.

Camp set up under a mango tree (photo: U. Radespiel)
Setting traps in the forest (photo: U. Radespiel)
Collecting traps just after sunrise (photo: U. Radespiel)

The chosen site was in the Mariarano watershed, an area of great biological diversity and beauty. One of the reasons that so much biodiversity is left in the Mariarano region is that local fady (taboos) prevent people from hunting lemurs.

The team was very busy in Mariarano collecting samples from mouse lemurs, sifakas, and rodents. Some of their sites were inaccessible by land, so trapping was done via the river. This provided a very picturesque scene for the trapping, but also very interesting distribution patterns of animals along and across the river leading to some exciting results.

A mouse lemur during processing (photo: U. Radespiel)
A mouse lemur being released (photo: U. Radespiel)
A mouse lemur just after being released after processing (photo: U. Radespiel)
An endemic tuft-tailed rat being released into the forest (photo: U. Radespiel)

The team is back in the beautiful seaside town of Mahajanga to prepare for their next six weeks in Mariarano. More updates to follow!

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